The Stonefield Stump – March 2019

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The SNA is also made up of neighbors that assist with roles that round out the neighborhood experiences by hosting a 4th of July event, garage sale, and various clubs.  I am writing to share that Judy Fard is stepping aside from running the 4th of July event this year and SNA is seeking a replacement person to coordinate the effort.  The duties of the coordinator are:
  • File permits with the city of Middleton (done for this year)
  • Hire a DJ if needed (not needed this year)
  • Order prizes from the oriental trading company (done for this year)
  • Email Middleton Policy, Fire, and Mayor to confirm attendance.
  • Set up Sign up Genius for volunteers (copying last years template)
  • Copy and distribute flyers to the neighborhood
  • Bring supplies to the event.
  • Attend set up, event, and tear down to assure everything runs smoothly.
The Rooster Run Condos has expressed an interest in joining SNA.  Rooster Run is not part of the Stonefield additions however both Stonefield and Rooster Run may benefit from improved and consistent communications.  Addition Rooster Run to SNA will require a by-law change and will be a topic for discussion at the annual meeting.
At the annual meeting, the concept of applying for mini-grants to start a new club in the neighborhood will be introduced as well.
With Easter around the corner, an Easter Egg hunt in the park may become a new event for children in the neighborhood.  We are looking for volunteers that may wish to support this effort.
Thank you for neighbors that shared concerns about neighborhood flooding last fall.  Several neighbors volunteered to work jointly with city officials to address concerns.
The Stonefield Neighborhood Association (SNA) continues to work toward enhancing the neighborhood and related communications.  Check out our website at for updated information about the association or join the conversation online at
Luke Francois