The Stonefield Stump – December 2018

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The Stonefield Stump is an attempt to give my perspective on the Stonefield Neighborhood
Association. Although not intended to be political, this blog does represent my point of view on
issues that impact the neighborhood. I welcome comments and dialog as the purpose of the
association is to facilitate communications pertaining to the neighborhood.

With winter holidays, the neighborhood often receives visits from family, guests and returning
students. Please remember that winter parking rules are in effect until March 15.
The purpose of the ordinance is to facilitate snow removal and street maintenance. If it is
necessary for you to leave a vehicle on the street between 1:00 AM and 7:00 AM, park on the
even numbered side of the street on even numbered calendar days and likewise, park on the
odd numbered side of the street on odd numbered days.

The SNA board met in December and discussed a variety of topics that I am writing to expand
upon in no particular order. The first is the idea brought forward by multiple neighbors to bring a
food truck(s) to the neighborhood at regular intervals to facilitate communication between
neighbors and allow a break from having to prepare a meal once and again. Watch for a survey
of what kind(s) of food trucks you might wish to see in the neighborhood in the future.

Last summer SNA was the recipient of rare if not unprecedented rainfall. WIth significant rainfall
came exposure to areas of flooding. SNA wishes to investigate whether re-engineering areas
that flooded might alleviate future problems. To this end, I am seeking residents that are
interested in serving on a committee that would identify areas in need of improvement and
interact with the city for solutions. Please respond to me directly with your interest.

I was approached by the Rooster Run Condominiums about possible inclusion in the Stonefield
Neighborhood Association. The intent was to join in a conversation about matters that impact
Stonefield and Rooster Run as the only entrance to and from the condos are through the
association neighborhood. Rooster Run would seek to benefit from communication including
crime watches, directory information with kid power, and joint efforts with the city to address
water runoff and flooding. Rooster Run’s request has precedent as the association included
The Meadows to the neighborhood association as well. By-laws govern the addition of Rooster
Run and would require approval at the annual meeting. The SNA Board will continue to
investigate the addition and share more information in February.

Please use the SNA website at to find updates on association business or start a
conversation using Nextdoor at

Have a great start to 2019!
Luke Francois
SNA President