Stonefield Covenant and Deed Restriction Compliance Guide

This guide is to help Stonefield homeowners understand the covenants and deed restrictions and to provide information on enforcement of compliance.

Purpose of Covenants and Deed Restrictions

The covenants and deed restrictions were created by the developers of Stonefield to establish certain construction, design, lot use, and ownership restrictions and responsibilities. The covenants were designed to protect the interests of all the property owners. Most of the lots in the Stonefield development have such restrictions. They are legally binding because they are attached to the deed of those lots. Your covenants are contained in your title insurance policy.

The Association’s Role

The Stonefield Neighborhood Association (SNA) did not develop the covenants and is not responsible for enforcement. However, we have a responsibility as a neighborhood to maintain the standards that we all agreed to when we purchased our homes.

The SNA has provided this web site so that you can easily locate the covenants associated with your property and those of your neighbors (map).

Compliance and Enforcement

While noncompliance is sometimes unintentional, neighbors need to be aware of their own actions, and actions of their neighbors. It is the responsibility of homeowners to uphold compliance and initiate enforcement actions.

Every Stonefield owner has a responsibility to comply with their covenants and deed restrictions. Homeowners cannot arbitrarily pick and choose which covenants they will or won’t abide by.

If any owner violates or attempt to violate any provision of the covenants and deed restrictions, then all other owners, and all other persons owning any lot or lots within the plat has legal standing to bring proceedings of law or equity against the owner violating or attempting to violate any such provision. The prevailing party in an enforcement action shall be awarded reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.

Summary of Covenants and Deed Restrictions

Although the covenants vary by subdivision, they contain many similar conditions. Consult the specific covenant and deed restriction associated with your property for specifics.

  • Buildings
    Accessory buildings are expressly prohibited (this includes dog houses and kennels).
  • Businesses
    The lots shall be used for residential purposes only. City ordinances also prohibit certain business activity on residential lots.
  • Clotheslines
    Clotheslines are not permitted on a permanent basis.
  • Fencing
    No fence shall be erected on any part of any lot without prior written approval! Primarily, only fences surrounding swimming pools are permitted.
  • Firewood
    Firewood or woodpiles cannot be kept outside a structure.
  • Landscaping
    Landscaping covenants for your plat must be followed.
  • Light posts
    Light posts are a matter of neighborhood security and uniformity. The use of approved light posts is mandatory. This ensures design continuity of Stonefield houses and provides additional street lighting. There are few street lights in the Stonefield neighborhood because the light posts were intended to provide additional light in front of houses. Homeowners are required to keep light posts in working condition, repairing electric eyes, and replacing lamps.
  • Lighting
    Exterior lighting shall not be directed in a manner that creates an annoyance to neighbors.
  • Mailboxes
    Only mailbox styles as originally provided by the developer are allowed. Replacements may be purchased at Wildbirds Unlimited or the UPS Store. Plastic newspaper tubes are not permitted.
  • Parking
    Parking of service vehicles owned or operated by any owner is prohibited unless kept in garages. No cars or other vehicles shall be parked on lawns or yards at any time. Long-term parking of boats, trailers, mobile homes, campers, and other recreational vehicles is prohibited unless kept inside garages. Temporary storage for loading or unloading is not to exceed 48 hours.
  • Pets
    Only two domestic animals may be kept on any lot and must be housed within the principal structure.
  • Trash
    Trash and garbage containers shall not be permitted to remain conspicuous except on days of trash collection.


Use these links to access the covenants for each subdivision. Or, locate on your property on this map. (Note: Smaller screens may have problems with this map)

Lot numbers can be found in this list:

To download (or print) your own copy of a document, use your browser to load the document into Acrobat Reader; or, if your browser can display PDF files, load the page into a new window without frames (PC: right click; Mac: control-click) and then save (or print) the contents of that window.