Mini-Grant Application Form

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Small and Simple Projects Fund
Application Granting Process

The Small and Simple Grant Fund provides neighborhoods with the opportunity to initiate projects that require $500.00 or less. If you have an idea of what you would like to do in your neighborhood, contact us to explore the opportunities for funding.

1. There are no application dates for the new Small & Simple Grant! If the application process has to be closed, it will be announced in “NEWS” on the SNA website.
2. Notification. Applicants are notified of award decisions and specific conditions, if any, that needs to be met before an agreement is executed.

Awards cannot be used to pay for food, beverages, and /or catering services. Your application will be reviewed and rated. Awards are based on:
1. The project is well planned and ready to proceed. Budget is realistic and well thought out.
2. Neighborhood Participation. The application demonstrates significant neighborhood involvement in selecting, planning, and carrying out the proposed project.
3. Community Benefit. Project activities are a good approach to a recognized neighborhood issue.

In the formation of your project, you must keep in mind that the basis for the Small and Simple Funds is to promote neighborhood community building activities that demonstrate a neighborhood benefit. Your project must be completed by the required date and require $500.00 or less from the Small and Simple Projects Fund.
• Neighborhood Physical Improvement Project – Build or enhance a tangible (physical) improvement in your neighborhood. Include information on how ongoing maintenance will be provided.
• Neighborhood Non-Physical Improvement Project – Examples: One-time events such as special celebration, training session or educational campaign or community workshop. Of course, funds cannot be used for political campaigns.
• Partnership Projects – Pilot or start-up program that demonstrates benefits to the immediate neighborhood and those individuals involved in the partnership. Examples of partners; public school, daycare facility, elderly residents, and social service agencies.
• Cash awards to participants are not allowed. It is allowable to pay for labor and services.

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    Budget Instructions: Attach an information sheet that lists all the purchases being made for the project. Please identify the source of funding for each item, either the City of Middleton, from the neighborhood, or partnering organization.